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FH Aida Camelgroup Italy

This Panel Bedroom Set offers a perfect way of brining a classic European design to your traditionally decorated bedroom. The standard set is composed of a bed, two nightstands, your choice of dressers and a decorative mirror. The optional man's chest and 4-door wardrobes are available for order at any time at your convenience. Straight panels are in chipboard, then veneered (veneer being a thin layer of solid wood); then the veneers are lacquered using a 6 steps/layers of UV high gloss polyester lacquer. Manufactured according to European and international standards.

Dimensions                                              Width "             Depth "          Height "

Aida Black w/Gold KS Bed                                         104                           84                          51

Aida Black w/Gold Nightstand                                   22                           15                           21

Aida Black w/Gold Double Dresser                           67                           17                           31

Aida Black w/Gold Mirror                                           41                             3                           47

Aida Black w/Gold Vanity Dresser                            69                           15                            30

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